HOW MANY  UNITED GAMES?…..  Stopped counting years ago, got to be around the 1,600 mark easily, forty six years following United still nothing like it! 

 HOW MUCH MONEY ?……God knows you  get frightened thinking about the money spent, the miles travelled to see United?  No, Its got to be done….I even re-mortgaged the house in 2003 to get enough money to tour the states that summer with my cousin, going to the games in Seattle, Los Angles, then finishing up in Philadelphia and New York, which seemed appropriate at the time, as I’d shipped the wife and kids off to Great Yarmouth, Norfolk in a caravan, while I was away. …..I can say with a clear conscience, we both went to the East Coast that summer, What’s she got to moan about! The guilt must have got to me. In 2010 I took all the family to South Africa for that Vodacom Cup in Pretoria, throwing in a  six day safari for good measure, at the Kruger National Park, lots of Brownie points for that, i can tell you!  

FRIENDS AND ACQUAINTANCES….Made some great friends during my forty six years, following the Reds,and met some very strange people and a fair few lunatics .(thats you i’m talking about lindsay). altough on some else’s blog i probably come into second category…The lads i go with now have been and gone the distance like myself, Mick Hurley, Holmsie , Bobby and Lee I have known the longest, and they haven’t changed a bit, especially their clothes! We used to go out fridays looking for a new Hip Joint, now i think Mick’s getting a new Hip Joint….I cant forget John Daniels (former editor of Red Issue) and Big Al who still gets in touch regularly, he’s in my opening banner with me and my twin Brother……And reds i’ve met more recently in the last ten years Trevor, Fitz, Dave the Hat, and Kev make match days such a great day out along with two of my three sons Peter and Matthew who have  well and truly got the United Bug…Gaz, Dartagnon, Chew and the big fella (Andy) always meet us at games, it gets mighty crowded in the Greatstones  , But Adrian the owner looks after us, its a great watering hole on match days..Apologies to other Reds I’ve forgotten to mention, but I’m getting old…Me memories going…

8 thoughts on “GET TO KNOW ME (Part 2)

    • purely a blip…Them three Couldn’t usually Pot a plant!
      Like United losing to palace in the Fizzy Pop Cup…
      you know the Cup, this year it was won by a Premiership team on penalties
      against a Championship team…Scraped it by Penalties..
      And Celebrated by the winners as if they had won a real trophy!

      • i thought mick hurley played with the panache of bestie .lee with the sheer mindedness of robbo.bob the style of the lawman.
        and ken,sulked like dalglish!!!!
        ‘that boy hurley makes kenny look shite!’

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