Its a Conspiracy

Thats right its a conspiracy United have got the FA in their pocket, and all the Referee’s on the payroll…..After the last 48 hours blanket coverage on Sky of Fulhams non penalty…..Thats the only plausable conclusion i can believe, i mean Adrian Durham from Talksport says so, it must be true!……..We have to accept that mans knowledge of the game is undisputable, he keeps ranting on about Gerrard being better than Paul Scholes, It must be heatbreaking for Scholes’y having such a professor of the Beautiful game doubting his ability when clueless nomarks like Zinidane Zidane, Iniesta and Patrick Viera have all waxed lyrical about the midfield genuis of Paul Scholes all saying he’s the best they have played against…So really was anyone shocked when that cretin on Talkshite jumped on the ABU bandwagon, quoted as saying “the referee has decided the premier league” …..Nobody doubts it was probably a penalty, but i think we had as much of a penalty, as City had got against Chelsea last week for Handball, but was it mentioned, of course not…..But you know if both decisions on Monday night were the other way round, We had the trip in the area and Fulham had the handball, you can gaurentee sky sports news would have shown the ‘HANDBALL’  so much on Tuesday, that it would hard to believe they hadn’t just signed a massive contract with the NBA to show Los Angeles Lakers and Chicago Bulls…So don’t tell me, they and other media outlets don’t have a Bias against Manchester United….Is it any wonder though with the amount of Liverpool Connected pundits influencing the sports entertainment industary..Like viralent woodworm eating away your most prised peice of furniure.. The thing is most of them spout this ‘The Ref’s are bent, and nobody gets a penalty at Old Trafford bullshit’ without statistics or facts to back up their nonsense….

The facts  say differently, and its actually more unlikely the away team will get a penalty at Craven Cottage, the home of monday nights opponents Fulham than at Old Trafford. .Penalties conceded at home by existing Premier League teams since August 2006 (teams must have played over 50 games during that time)

Team / Penalties conceded / Games / Penalties per game

 Blackburn Rovers     18     110     0.16
Wolverhampton Wanderers     8     53     0.15
Wigan Athletic     16     110     0.15
West Bromwich Albion     7     53     0.13
Sunderland     11     91     0.12
Arsenal     11     110     0.1
Newcastle United     9     91     0.1
Manchester City     10     110     0.09
Stoke City     6     72     0.08
Manchester United     9     110     0.08
Everton     8     110     0.07
Bolton Wanderers     8     110     0.07
Tottenham Hotspur     8     110     0.07
Fulham     8     110     0.07
Liverpool     7     110     0.06
Aston Villa     6     109     0.06
Chelsea     6     110     0.05

So guess what? our biggest accusers, and loudest Conspiracy theorists… LIVERPOOL have conceded less penalties at home than us…..and while i mention them, can some someone answer this Trivia Question: WHEN DID UNITED LAST GET A PENALTY AT ANFIELD?  Seriously i need to know!                                            Whereas at Old Trafford they have had at least four in the last three years alone………And to keep any City fans quiet, just let them know Last Season and this to date we had been given fourteen penalties to City’s fifteen, and had nine given against us to their six…HOW THE FUCK DOES ALL THIS ADD UP TO THE REFS AND FA BEEN BENT?  

So remember what a pillar of respectability and seeker of truth and justice Adrian Durham on Talksport really is…. the guy purports to be a Peterborough supporter, when he is so obviously another eighties gloryhunting out of towner Liverpool fan. I dont know why he doesn’t ‘come out’ (of the drain that is where most vermin can be found)…….   



3 thoughts on “Its a Conspiracy

  1. Quality Kenneth. You forgot to metion that Cu-nt Barry should have had a straight Red against Stoke and it should have ben a penalty.
    Plus you need to have spellcheck

  2. Good stuff Ken. Just a quick one on that Fulham penalty claim, to everyone watching,, it looks like a pen, but i paused it and slowed it down to shut someone up and that pr*ck was leaping in the air before he even received the ball, he then puts all his weight down on one limp little foot, waited for a bit of contact and down he goes. We’ve had plenty not given, fu*k them i say, good decision for me!

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