Gloryhunters! Are you Having a Laugh?

So we as Manchester United Fans are forever having to explain ourselves and warrant the fact we support UNITED! why is it wrong to support United living in London, Bristol or Birmingham, and God forbid they have the audacity as a red  to ring a radio phone in and then sustain snidey comments by the ill informed host, You can imagine the presenter’s face (oh here’s another gloryhunter) and yet on the other hand  if a Liverpool fan rings with an arcitypal cornish accent from Newquay, he’s welcomed like a long lost Scouse Cousin… WHY! is it a crime to support Manchester United?    

When acutally the fact is, history shows nothing can be further than the truth. Most people outside of Manchester  picked up an affection for Manchester United because of the horrific consequences of ‘The Munich Aircrash’ and that support was then passed on down the family tree, whereas Liverpool’s out of town support is purely down to Gloryhunting, you don’t need a history lesson from me, about their success in the seventies and eightie’s..The Fucking BBC and Sky do that on a daily basis…The latest Trophy they have won, just the this afternoon You Won’t belive it! I could hardly believe my ears…They have won more ‘Corners’ this season than anyone else 243 whereas we have only just reached the 200 mark… WOW WEE  How sad are these Pricks! clutching at the slightest glory….But don’t forget you heard it here first when you have the misfortune of having to converse with one these Blame Everyone, know Nothing Cu-nts…

Anyway here is a newspaper article from February 11th 1974 which should help dispel this Gloryhunters tag United’s worldwide support continues to endure…A 60,000 sell out to see United go bottom of the league…. Liverpools nearest home game to this fixture was a ‘home’ League match against  Coventry City unfortunately they won but attracted a whopping 21,656 ….I have it on good authority the crowd was only that low because they had only got 3 corners in their previous game!


I hope that gives some of you a different perspective on things!

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