How do we get a definitive answer, one thing I know is, that if it was left to the anti Manchester United English media the answer would not be Manchester United fans (it just wouldn’t be allowed)  fortunately though I’m going to investigate and look a little deeper beneath the hype than those cretins in fleet street who make me sick with there sycophantic adoration for two clubs whose supporters don’t deserve it. I mean if they changed the word Loyal for Stupid, Ugly or deluded i wouldn’t have a problem.
After consulting my Oxford English Dictionary, found the definition of the word loyal is: Constant, firm in allegiance to a cause. Well I’ve been going to football since 1966 and always had a hanker for statistics  and obviously must  have a memory a lot better, than those fleet street hacks, whose memory retention would seriously struggle to challenge that of a goldfish. Is it just me or do you also get pissed off with the constant KOP or TOON this, and KOP or TOON that, always bigging up the KOP and the TOON army, when we know the truth.
So here are some facts to justify my contempt for the Maggots….Pre- Keegan average attendance at St James Park of 16,000 in 1981 followed by 17,000 in 1982, Remember that’s average attendances not the odd game or two…
Even nowadays the press look to excuse their pathetic turnouts, A EUFA cup game in Palermo against a team that was top of Italy’s Serie A at the time, all they could muster was, at  most 180,  its not a misprint, I don’t mean 1800 really 180. High unemployment, difficult to get to! blah..blah..blah
Anyway I could go on giving numerous examples in the intervening years of gates between 10 and 15 thousand for Newcastle  home games, but by now you must have my point and hopefully understand my frustration at the word loyal been associated with Newcastle United, conclusively proving that their supporters been the most loyal in football is PURE FICTION.

As for the vermin, the press’s love affair with them mystifies me, why is it only United fans see through those despicable excuses for human beings, just what can we thank those ‘lovable rogues’ for; The introduction of the stanley knife! not only did they earn the reputation for never fighting with even numbers, they would then attack lone supporters ten handed and  cut them with the stanley knife, they get us banned as a nation from europe for years, and because of there actions force all seater stadiums on us
domestically, changing the match going atmosphere from tribal hostility to that of a night at the opera!
Do i really need to carry on,and still the media love them glossing over the CS gas attack on uniteds players the Shit Slinging and Toilet smashing, Munich singing, ambulance attacking… sorry! i hadn’t finished..And still the media pander to the myth about them. Yet if a united fan so much as breaks wind during one of their many minutes silences held at Anfailed during the season we are labelled scum with sky even putting up sub titles on their news bulletins for the hard of hearing..

As for loyalty, well during uniteds 26 year wait for the title we had a higher average than liverpool 24 out the 26, with the other two years Old Trafford undergoing major rebuilding work..now liverpool have gone 22 years without a title and guess what, not once have they managed a higher average attendance than us… though the scouse loving media, will use the excuse of the differing capacities nowadays, no such excuses during the 70’s and 80’s their golden period supposedly…

So just who are the most loyal, and how do we find out?

Using the now well used chant “Where were you, When you were Shit?” as a guide I have  produced a table, using the four teams whose supporters would claim the title of most loyal, and Chelsea just to show what an embarrassment their following really is..

What I’ve done is to find a decade in the last 50 years, each of the five teams listed was least successful. (Supporting your team when you’re not winning is surely the best guide to Loyalty)


             TEAM LEAST SUCCESSFUL DECADE SINCE    1961                                             AVERAGE   ATTENDANCE FOR                  DECADE
      CHELSEA 1981-1990              5yrs in old Div2               18,642
NEWCASTLE UNITED 1981-1990              5yrs in old Div2               22,716
         CITY 1991-2000              3yrs  Div2               27,292
       LIVERPOOL 1991-2000              no title               38,816
       UNITED 1971-1980               1yr  in old Div2               48,802

Even with total average attendances since time began, United top the list averaging over 40,000 followed by Liverpool at 34,00-.

Would you believe it, the most berated set of fans in football, the prawn sandwich brigade turn out to be the most loyal fans in Britain. Not that the media would ever give us any credit. All they do is find any excuse to criticise, slaughtering the atmosphere  at Old Trafford, when its actually no worse than any other, in the new all seated stadiums created since the Taylor report. Silence at Anfield, St James Park, Villa Park, Goodison Park etc, is completely ignored, never commented on, whereas if Old Trafford isn’t rocking for ninety minutes they compare the atmosphere to that of a morgue, and a ground full of glory hunters.

So a round of applause to all you  fellow United fans, your loyalty is unsurpassed, the best in Britain.

Notice I’m saying Britain; It gives me an opportunity to put into print a few home truths about those Bigots north of the border.
Celtic and Rangers really do give the Geordies a run for their money as Bullshitting supporters, using the analogy, if you say it often enough, then it must be true, was made for these loathsome creatures. Ideally I would loved to have added them to the earlier list created, showing there average gates during the seventies or eighties, When Aberdeen had the audacity to challenge their automatic right to win everything, i cannot believe how both clubs have tried to erase the past. Its not possible to get any attendance figures from 1966-1990 period, non of the plethora of websites they both have publish any attendances pre-1990, I know why the embarrassment would be excruciating for them, gates of under 20,000 the norm for them both, with averages not much higher. Even only as far back as 1993 Celtic only averaged 22,000, with one home league game that season attracting 10,602. Loyal supporters my arse!  The Biggest Glory hunters in world football.
Without doubt Celtic fans are the biggest bores you could ever have the misfortune to meet, immediately telling everyone know how loyal they are, and what a massive world wide support they have (Yawn). Both Clubs though reminisce about their one European triumph, which personally I think is an absolute disgrace, considering they probably are the only two clubs in Europe who have been guaranteed European football every season since it began in 1961.
Celtic fans would have you believe Lisbon in 1967 was suburb of Glasgow for the night, and Rangers fans make out they filled the Nou Camp, Barcelona for the 1972 Cup winner’s Cup final.

Try not to laugh now….but the attendance that night in the Nou Camp was 24,000 it must have looked magnificent in a stadium that could hold 130,000 at the time.
As for Celtic, the attendance was 45,000 in an 80,000 stadium, Have a look at this newspaper cutting from the time..


And back to how boring Celtic fans are, it’s not long before they are telling everyone how many fans they took to Seville (yawn yawn). I’d say it was about 75,000,
WOW, All it does, is reinforce everything I’ve said about them been the biggest glory hunters in world football. I remember at the time Alan Brazil and other radio pundits all having a big Celtic love-in, urging fans to travel without tickets for the crack.

Contrast that to United in Barcelona 1999, we  were literally  told that we couldn’t go down the bottom of the road without a ticket, and we’d be arrested at airports, train stations, and on ferries when searched, if we didn’t have a brief. We still easily matched Celtics turnout, and put Liverpool’s 30,000 in Istanbul to shame, but have the media ever given it a mention, it must be an unwritten code never to give any credit to United fans from the Scouse infested press.
One day Celtic and Rangers fans will wake up and smell the coffee! All supporters from other clubs throughout England and Europe are not laughing with them, we’re laughing at them, they are a joke.
As for them joining the English premier League, Are you having a laugh?
i remember Alan Brazil and Mike Parry at Talksport, questioning, if we in England could cope with their massive support.
Well Cowdenbeath, St Mirren, and Alloa manage every week with grounds only holding five thousand, or do they only go when they play friendlies in England, PART TIMERS TO A MAN.

The Stretford End

Where do I start, THE STRETFORD END or should I say the West Stand…Changing the name of our most famous stand or terrace, yet another one of the clubs moves to disenfranchise the hard core old fashioned supporter of Manchester United, who might actually love the club more than the people who run the business want them to. If you get my drift..Could you ever imagine the Vermin ever renaming The Kop…..East, West , South or North stand wherever the infestation is located compass wise..But our owners and for once this isn’t a dig at the parasites, but Edwards allowed it to happen under the  auspices of safety, it hasn’t stopped them renaming the North Stand, the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand though…i’m not denying the great man this  honour, but it galls me to think that a large percentage of the supposed 659 million manchester united fans around the world have never heard of the Stretford End, But who gives a shit! eh Malc…as long they are walking around in a Kagawa shirt…Lets just erode an integral part of mine and thousands like me football heritage! 

Well it seems the name STRETFORD END means more to opposing fans than our own nowadays, especially the cockney’s……You cannot walk into your local Waterstones or WH Smiths bookshop nowadays without seeing some new book published about some no mark  London hooligan firm, Gobbing off how Big and Tough  they are, I really should walk on by, ignore them and go look at something on the top shelf or something. Is just me though or do you also get a morbid fascination to see what they have to say about United and our firm, only to cringe at the fairytales put into print by these people… Everyone has ‘done’ United if you believed all the shit written by these guys, United’s mob should be able to give Paula Radcliffe a close race, we must have clocked up more miles than an habitual marathon runner, I for one won’t be bringing any of my three lads to Old Trafford again, its just not safe! All these fucking hooligans chasing united around the streets of Manchester. Lets get a few Facts straight about these , They all except Cass Pennants (Wets Ham) credit where’s its due fail to mention what United fans had done in and around their grounds during, from what some people (not me) would say, were the Halycon days of Football Hooliganism. After Englands world cup win in 1966 until around 1986, a twenty year peroid when you defended ‘your End’ at any cost, and things became tribal… As i said at least Cass Pennant admits United took the West Ham North Bank in May 1967, but no mention from Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal about United taking their ends on a regular basis, memorably taking the Shed in 1973.

It was always awkward at Spurs, taking the Shelf at Tottenham or whatever part of the ground was their end at the time, The Park Lane or Paxton Road. A clever ploy by them, fed up with getting embarrassed every year you take the The Shelf, and they say, thats not our end, we’re in the Park lane, next year you go in the Park Lane, and its  We’re in The Paxton Road now…As for Arsenal, we took their North Bank so many times, United fans actually started to think thats where we were meant to be! …Its strange non of these events are mentioned in their account, yet they have the audacity to say “They have taken the Stretford End, thinking that’ll sound good in a book, a chapter how we ran the Stretford End will sell a few copies, sod the fact its nots true!…But once its in print and with the passing of time, people believe it. And some of these stories, it would more honest to say fable’s, supposably happened before anyone from London had the courage to enter Old Trafford,  anywhere except the reserved seating in A stand..in those days only the Suits sat.(that started to change in the 80’s)..The facts are, none of these cockney warriors came to Old Trafford in force until the introduction of police escorts in 1977, now that is a fact, not a rafa benitez fact, but a real FACT! ….Anyway a lot of these myths are spreading and as special request from a mate, Lindsay who has asked me to re-print an article i wrote about five years ago for Red News.. http://www.rednews.co.uk/      the first ,in a series called Fact or Fiction

So Lindsay here’s the article:

But one book in particulary about The Chelsea ‘Head-hunters’ by Steve Hickmott and Colin Ward, really pissed me off,  and it’s a chapter from that book which is to be the subject in  our first FACT or FICTION : ……………..Have Chelsea taken the Stretford End ?

September 5th 1984 is the date in question. It was early in the season our second home game, in fact. Chelsea had just won promotion from old division two, with their supporters earning a fierce some reputation terrorizing such places as Shrewsbury,Carlisle,Grimsby, and Huddersfield, before coming back into the big time. I must give them credit though the previous April they had taken extreme liberties in Manchester and at Maine Road, but that was against City, who were also languishing in division two.

This was United though, The attendance that night was 48,000 with Chelsea bringing about 3,000 filling three sections of the Scoreboard End, they also had a small section in A stand, where there main boys were seated. The kick-off was approaching, and about 7 o’clock,  a small firm of Chelsea were sussed in the top right hand corner of K stand (looking up from the pitch), the word went around and united started to prepare for a set too, most of uniteds lads were still outside and everyone decided to wait a few minutes before getting stuck in, Someone though was tipped the wink by a steward, that the old bill were about to come and move them out, it was now or never. Uniteds boys moved up the steps towards the Chelsea fans, they were quickly on there toes with only one or two standing. Scattering them across K stand, some of them jumping into A stand, and the others into the Scoreboard amongst there own fans. The then ritual ‘Chelsea Aggro’ chant started, with the Stretford End replying ‘United Aggro’ soon drowning out the rent boys. It looked quite impressive as the united boys who’d seen off the Chelsea mob, then charged down too the bottom of K stand just above the Chelsea fans, chanting ‘UNITED, UNITED’, letting everybody know exactly who had come out on top. Nothing else happened until about three minutes from time,Chelsea’s main Firm, about thirty of them were seen leaving A stand, they had just exited the stadium, underneath that tunnel where the little railway station is, when they bumped into some of Manchester’s finest. All hell broke loose with Chelsea taking a real pounding. Heavily outnumbered some Chelsea fans were eventually  hospitalized, the police surrounded them, and tried to force united fans away towards the Stretford End, but they couldn’t contain uniteds mob, and sent for the police horses. In the mean time the game had finished (1-1) while all this was going on. The police horses arrived and were charging the united fans back, causing a concertina effect on supporters fans exiting the Stretford End and Stretford Paddock, people coming out were pushed back in, forcing fans who couldn’t see what was happening, back into the Stretford End….. Chelsea fans in the Scoreboard End, (locked in waiting for an escort) saw fans pouring back into the Stretford and came up with the Myth, this honest account of events dispels once and for all.

So giving a Definitive   FACTor FICTION   to this rumour ……FICTION

I mean literally, it’s up there with Father Christmas and the Easter Bunny.

Some classic photos of the Stretford End in all her glory!… And no matter what the club do, they can’t take away our memories, and unlike all our Counterparts during that period  we STRETFORD ENDERS can go to our graves knowing nobody has ever taken The STRETTY!


(of course neither myself or Red News condones violence at football matches, this is just an account written for true historical records)  



Its a Conspiracy

Thats right its a conspiracy United have got the FA in their pocket, and all the Referee’s on the payroll…..After the last 48 hours blanket coverage on Sky of Fulhams non penalty…..Thats the only plausable conclusion i can believe, i mean Adrian Durham from Talksport says so, it must be true!……..We have to accept that mans knowledge of the game is undisputable, he keeps ranting on about Gerrard being better than Paul Scholes, It must be heatbreaking for Scholes’y having such a professor of the Beautiful game doubting his ability when clueless nomarks like Zinidane Zidane, Iniesta and Patrick Viera have all waxed lyrical about the midfield genuis of Paul Scholes all saying he’s the best they have played against…So really was anyone shocked when that cretin on Talkshite jumped on the ABU bandwagon, quoted as saying “the referee has decided the premier league” …..Nobody doubts it was probably a penalty, but i think we had as much of a penalty, as City had got against Chelsea last week for Handball, but was it mentioned, of course not…..But you know if both decisions on Monday night were the other way round, We had the trip in the area and Fulham had the handball, you can gaurentee sky sports news would have shown the ‘HANDBALL’  so much on Tuesday, that it would hard to believe they hadn’t just signed a massive contract with the NBA to show Los Angeles Lakers and Chicago Bulls…So don’t tell me, they and other media outlets don’t have a Bias against Manchester United….Is it any wonder though with the amount of Liverpool Connected pundits influencing the sports entertainment industary..Like viralent woodworm eating away your most prised peice of furniure.. The thing is most of them spout this ‘The Ref’s are bent, and nobody gets a penalty at Old Trafford bullshit’ without statistics or facts to back up their nonsense….

The facts  say differently, and its actually more unlikely the away team will get a penalty at Craven Cottage, the home of monday nights opponents Fulham than at Old Trafford. .Penalties conceded at home by existing Premier League teams since August 2006 (teams must have played over 50 games during that time)

Team / Penalties conceded / Games / Penalties per game

 Blackburn Rovers     18     110     0.16
Wolverhampton Wanderers     8     53     0.15
Wigan Athletic     16     110     0.15
West Bromwich Albion     7     53     0.13
Sunderland     11     91     0.12
Arsenal     11     110     0.1
Newcastle United     9     91     0.1
Manchester City     10     110     0.09
Stoke City     6     72     0.08
Manchester United     9     110     0.08
Everton     8     110     0.07
Bolton Wanderers     8     110     0.07
Tottenham Hotspur     8     110     0.07
Fulham     8     110     0.07
Liverpool     7     110     0.06
Aston Villa     6     109     0.06
Chelsea     6     110     0.05

So guess what? our biggest accusers, and loudest Conspiracy theorists… LIVERPOOL have conceded less penalties at home than us…..and while i mention them, can some someone answer this Trivia Question: WHEN DID UNITED LAST GET A PENALTY AT ANFIELD?  Seriously i need to know!                                            Whereas at Old Trafford they have had at least four in the last three years alone………And to keep any City fans quiet, just let them know Last Season and this to date we had been given fourteen penalties to City’s fifteen, and had nine given against us to their six…HOW THE FUCK DOES ALL THIS ADD UP TO THE REFS AND FA BEEN BENT?  

So remember what a pillar of respectability and seeker of truth and justice Adrian Durham on Talksport really is…. the guy purports to be a Peterborough supporter, when he is so obviously another eighties gloryhunting out of towner Liverpool fan. I dont know why he doesn’t ‘come out’ (of the drain that is where most vermin can be found)…….   



Tight Bast-rds

How low can they get?                                                                                                          Anyone lucky enough to have got a Blackburn ticket in the ballot, has to pick it up by hand from the ticket office, with photo ID… The Club say its because Blackburn don’t have a duplicate system for Lost tickets.


Its simlpy because we have been allocated 6,500 tickets and those penny pincing Glazer’s need to save as money as possible to help pay off THIER DEBT!.. Saving £3,500 on stamps doesn’t seem much, i know….But it shows how tight the purse strings are…Expect a few big name Departures in the Summer, so we can help prop up the parasites failing American Business’s                                                                                 ONLY ONE MAN HAS THE POWER TO RID THE CLUB OF THOSE LEECHES!          And unfortunately he’s just sat on his hands and watched them Rape us!